Monday, February 25, 2013

trail blazers

The snow has finally almost melted and spring blazer weather is approaching. We even saw some trees with little green buds on our way back from doing this shoot. Spring is definitely on its way! 

We both have busy weeks ahead of us between preparing for midterms and job applications. Things are certainly heating up (see what we did there?), but we love having little breaks to explore parts of campus we don't venture to often and having a little fun. 

Have you explored somewhere new recently?

a & m

alex - dress: forever 21, blazer: H&M, belt: H&M, tights: kohl's, boots: Croft & Barrow, bag: FPPelletterie, from mom

michaela - dress: forever 21, blazer: worthington, belt: gifted, tights: hue, boots: thrifted in Brussels, necklace: gifted, earrings: forever 21

Sunday, February 24, 2013


1) Post-microsurgery dissection: removing the dorsal root ganglia and sympathetic nerve chains from ten day old chick embryos.
(The peripheral and central nervous systems have not yet attached so the dissection is painless)
2) Craft beer collection for the weekend.
3) Celebrating National Margarita Day on Friday!
4) College life in a double exposure.


1) Beer and wine haul in preparation for the weekend (it's not all mine, I promise!).
2 & 3) Postcards from The Postcard Age exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
4) Late-night Mario Kart races.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

floral daze

Spring is in the air! 

Or so it seemed yesterday when it was almost fifty degrees. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped back down to the low thirties overnight, but that didn't stop me from rocking some floral print! I purchased this dress at Top Shop in Edinburgh last spring and it has easily become one of my favorites. Although it's predominantly designed for warmer weather, I've found that pairing a blouse with a sleeveless dress makes it compatible with colder weather and adds a complimentary pop of color. Having a versatile wardrobe is incredibly important when living in New England, especially when the temperature shifts so drastically every day. 

What tips do you have for making your favorite pieces work for each season?


dress: top shop, blouse: forever 21, wedges: forever 21, belt: gifted, purse: elle, earrings: forever 21, tights: hue, bracelet & watch: gifted

Monday, February 18, 2013

black and white

Monday mornings are always the worst, but especially when it's below freezing and we're still getting over our colds. The snow still hasn't melted from the northeaster that blew through New England last weekend, making us eager for warmer temperatures and at least some greenery (flowers, please!). We braved the frigid temperature for this first blog post, but immediately layered up in our warm winter jackets and scarves and headed to the dining hall for steaming cups of tea. 

What's your secret to making the cold a little more bearable? 

a & m

alexjacket: nastygal, top: forever 21, skirt: urban outfitters, tights: kohl's, boots: asos, necklace: forever 21 
michaela - dress: forever 21, belt: aldo's, tights: hue, boots: kohl's, necklace: gifted